I don't kow how tocreate an enemy spawning area

Hello, the type of my game is top-down and the problem I have is that I need to spawn an enemy anywhere randomly within a specified area, that is, from this point to this point, in the same way as in X and Y but I don’t know how
, someone help me

Normally you spawn something at some position

BUT there is extension/behavior object spawner

You add that behavior to some object even your player
And now instead of specifying position you specify how far from that object in each direction something should spawn

So if you go with like idk offset X RandomInRange(-20,+20) and Y RandomInRange(-50,+50)

it will spawn be spawning crap 20 pixels away to the left and right from your object spawner and 50 pixels away to the top and bottom from your object spawner

So it will do exactly what you want
You can even make that object sprite with empty image or 1st frame some solid color let’s say red square (so you can see it in editor) while 2nd frame would be same image but 100% transparent (DO NOT check LOOP in animation)
And in editor you will see it as red square while in game it will be invisible