I don't understand how to set GD5 for 32bit

Hello, I am new to this forum, even very new to GDevelop (about only ten hours!). I have read about some posts where moderators tell the possibility of install the latest versions of GDevelop even on 32 bit systems. They say something to write and add in one specific file:

For build you own version you need add this code in “GDevelop\newIDE\electron-app\package.json”
Just before “mac” add : et cetera…

My problem now is that, even if I installed GDevelop 4, I cannot find that folder, and I do not know where to search it.

Furthermore, I also tried to execute via wine one of the latest versions posted in the same topic by the moderators, but wine obviously gives me this error:

wine: cannot find L"C:\windows\system32\GDevelop.exe"

I understand that I did not do an intermediate passage, but I have no idea about what it could be!

I am on an old version of Lubuntu…

Thanks to the forum!

Thank you for the answer diana23570,

do you think that browsing in the folders of Gdevelop 4 I would find the same file mentioned above?

Maybe I understood something… :slight_smile: If I would manage to do this action i will write again here

You misunderstood what was said there. The instructions were about how to build GDevelop from source for 32 bits, it isn’t an option you enable in some config. GDevelop doesn’t support 32 bits, and if you are using a 32 bits computer, you should really upgrade as much software and OSes are not supporting it anymore.

Afaik, no one made linux 32 bits builds of GDevelop, sorry.

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Hello arthuro555, thanks for the answer.

I followed your discussions in that post [32 bits] GDevelop 5 Windows/Linux

there are a lot of versions for linux and windows (as it is written) 32 bit

However, I have no idea of how to build from source…
So you are telling me that I have no possibility to switch to latest versions of GDevelop5… Is it?

When I was saying that maybe I was understanding something is that I searched this string on google


and I found a github page where I could download the files where i could find this adress.
I followed the instructions of your friend Bouh, inserting the lines of code before “mac”, but now I cannot open nothing.

Is that for the reason you were explaining me above. Totally no possibility?

Salutes and Thanks, Andrea

Thanks Diana! :slight_smile: