I have 2players i want 2 cursors

I create a game with 2 players in a game, in a end of it every one must shoot the other, i made. the player weapon moves with cursor ,so i want another cursor for the other player.
How can i do that,

Hide cursor and create 2 sprites ( one for each player). Then manage multi-touch to move the players un the same time.

Thank you i will try it

I tried but couldn’t find the option ( multitouch)
I found it but only for ( keyboard ) but I want the 2 players to do that with 2 mouses
how can I make 2 spirits move with a cursor at the same time?

With 2 mouses I think that it’s impossible. You can use the keyboard (pc game)or touch (mobile game)

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okay, now I want to make one player moves with a cursor but i want it as an action ties with a condition, it doesn’t work, it works only if it was not sub condition

in the pic it doesn’t work, Why?

I’m not able to answer without all code.
I suggest you to check if the subroutine is called using debug.

thanks for reply
No it doesn’t