I have a procedural terrain, but i cant find a way to cut the top into it

Sorry about the name.
So, I would like to make a 2d side view style minecraft clone. You mighthave seen me mention this in older post, but problems made me shelve it for a while. So i started again, and i have no way to make hills and caves and such. i am using the noise extention and the template here. Does anyone know a way?

yes, there are numerous ways. It depends on exactly what you are trying to do.

Well, I am trying to get a hilly/mountainous terrain. I don’t see a way to achieve that.

it would be helpful if you would post an image showing what you want to achieve. There are many factors playing into which solution to suggest, such as cell size, terrain size, maximum movement speed, dynamic positioning, target platform, target frame rate, and so on.

Here is what i have so far. i can quickly generate top down terrain of sorts

Now, i want to carve hils into this

As well as add caves. I want to be able to run decent on a lower end pc

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