I have made a magnetic bullet that attracts coins, but the coins wont collide with anything!

I have successfully made it so the coin is attracted to the bullet, however the coin can pass through any object in the scene. I want to make it so the coin will move toward the bullet but it will still collide with walls and not be able to pass unless the player finds a gap in the wall. If I add Physics 2.0 with any settings at all to the coin then the coin will collide with things, but will no longer be attracted to the bullet.

If you use Physics 2.0, then you should look at using something like a spring or rope joint between the coin and magnetic bullet, possible decreasing the joint’s length over time.

If you use the move method as per your screen snip, then you’ll have to check for a collision between the coin and whatever obstacles are impassable after you’ve applies the move action. If a collision occurs, separate the coin and obstacle, moving the coin.