I´m creating a top down horror game !!!

Hello everyone ! I´m new here, i trying to made a horror game (top-down), i put this condition on player and works very well, but as is a labyrinth i need to put walls and the character cannot pass by, i tried “PathfindingObstacle” and the player still passing on the wall, can anyone more expert helps me with this ?

I appreciate any help, thanks! :smiley:

Use the action to separate objects:

Conditions: No conditions (always) Actions: Separate Player from Wall (only Player will move)
If you have multiple solid objects your Player cannot pass (walls, boxes, rocks), you can put all these objects in a group “Solids” and use the same action to separate Player from Solids :wink:

Man, it worked !!! Thanks so much, soon i hope share the game here.

Hey ! I’ve the same issue but unfortunatly it doesn’t work for me. I use the top down behavior and the Lizard-13 solution.

Condition : Always or no condition (i tried both)
Actions : Separate two objects (move objet1 away from object2 (only object1 will move)

My player’s object still pass across the wall :confused:

I don’t know if it’s my bad or a GD bug. I use the latest version GD 5 beta42

Try the action in a new test project, this way we’ll know if it’s a bug, if you can reproduce it in a new project please share it so I can check it out :slight_smile:

I try with another project and it’s work ! So i don’t understand why its work with a project and don’t with another :confused:
thank you for the answer. :slight_smile: