I made a video for TOTAL BEGINNERS in GDevelop :)

Small note: If you’re a pro at GDevelop, this video is not for you, it’s only made for new people than has no experiance in game dev, GDevelop or making games in general : )


So a lot of people have been asking me for quite some time to create a video for beginners that’s just easy to understand and doesn’t have any complicated stuff, just a video so level 0 beginners can get an idea of how GDevelop works or how to get into game dev in general.

The video is very simple to understand, but I decided to make it so new comers to the engine don’t feel overwhelmed or feel lost at where to start or what to do. (I was there 5 years ago)

And if I see that people enjoyed the video and want more, I’ll definitely get into the more advanced stuff, but I just thought to start at the lowest so I can benefit everyone, I’ve seen people don’t even know how to make a character move or what is an event or how to make a simple platformer or where to start and so on (And yes even with all the documentation and everything some people just never got a chance to get started because of how overwhelming it can get at first).


So what to expect from this video?
I mentioned in the video at the start and talked about the Wiki, this Community, examples and many more and then went into everything from the very start like how to create your project, how to edit the game settings and what each option means and what it does, then I went in a little furthur explaining the platformer behavior and the platform bahavior and explained each option and what it does and how to make your character feel great in-game then I went into the events and I made something very small and very primitive but all to help the people who know nothing about GDevelop and know nothing about game dev because at one point like 5 years ago I was one of those people and I just thought to make a video to help those who needs it the most.

The video is around 35 min and it covers all of the above and more : )
I hope it’s helpful for new people here in the community or people who know nothing about GDevelop.

Thank you for watching and I hope you learn something from this video and if you need more of these videos, just let me know here or in a comment on the video and what exactly do you need and I’ll look into it : )


Just what I wanted. I just knew about this software yesterday. This tutorial will be my ladder. Thanks.

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@KelpieAR glad to help, I’ll be posting new tutorials very soon so make sure to subscribe : )


I really liked the behind the scenes of Miko :smiley:

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@Epicsleeper thank you so much, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed watching it, more stuff to come soon where I talk about much more interesting things like level design and much more : )

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nice video and game, i will be checking out your other videos. I just subscribe. do you stream on youtube?

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@lv2lrn4lf Happy that you enjoyed watching, I don’t do streams … only videos but streaming is on my mind too, want to get comfy with videos first then I might do streams in the future : )
Thanks for the sub!