i need games from all of you

Hello, as the title says, I’m making a website for free games. I want to sponsor free HTML5 games or demos.

Soon I will publish my game made gdevelop, and I want to share their games too.

The idea is to make a community of independent developers that we can share ideas games and tutorials.

the page is under construction only has a few days alive, day by day I’m uploading sprites, tutorials, sound files, all for free and without violating licenses.

If you uploaded your games to the gdevelop cloud just give me an enbed code

Here is the link is in spanish


The problem with GDevelop cloud is that, it may share your game only for 24 hours. It was the plan initially, so I would not recommend it. Instead I recommend using itch.io from which we can share embed codes.

Interesting idea. I’m going to share my embed links to my templates if that’s ok, not full games but hey it playable :smiling_imp:
Here is the embed codes:

Snapy Pairs:



Candy Dragon:

<iframe src="https://itch.io/embed-upload/837458?color=36ba3b" allowfullscreen="" width="960" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You may need to edit the width and height.
Good luck!

You may also want to post this here:

These guys are dedicated to HTML5, best place to find people with interesting content to share…

great !!, thanks i’m going to create a special page for the game you share whit me

hi i post your games here chiegames.com/index.php/juegos-html5-gratis/

Looks good :slight_smile:
:bulb: I hope the website is going to be available in English too, so we could build also an English community there.

Sure i can make two versions of it

You could add my Sakawochi if you like:



sure i will do it now !! thanks

done chiegames.com/index.php/sakawochi/ here is i hope find more games from all of you

Looks good :sunglasses:
The next version will also have Spanish (and Italian) localization.

great ! … let me know wen you update the game to play the new version.