I need help adding a feature to my game

you might not understand this but I need to add a slo-mo feature to my new game I’m making
let me explain what I mean: the game is a platformer and I want so that when the player stops moving time slows down and when the player starts moving time gets faster kind of like in KARLSON

You don’t know what Karlson is? It’s the 14th most wishlisted game on steam! Smash that wishlist button now so we can get it to the number 1 spot! (sorry I just HAD to do that)

Check out the timescale action.

what do you mean by timescale action?

Exactly what it sound like, the one action that has timescale in the name.

I know what you mean
I just never used that action and i don’t know what it does (I’m kinda new to gdevelop)

The time scale is a number, and many internal actions like forces, sprite animations… Multiply their values by it. By default it is 1, so it doesn’t do anything (as x times 1 = x), but you can change it to for example 0.5 to make all movement/animation/timers/other stuff twice as slow (as x times 0.5 = x/2).

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Thanks! I finally got it working!