I need help finding a variable

I’m watching this tutorial https://youtu.be/EMwAxnYwUPU on how to make a heath bar but I can’t find “modify a variable of an object” and I don’t know what to do

Bruh I just found it if your also stuck just up search object variable

IDK if you are new to gdevelop but i need to assume you are

Are you looking in conditions or actions?
Also just type in search bar
global variable
scene variable
object variable
You most likely looking for object number variable
In Actions

And here you go
This video is 4 years old so name changed for sure
Same as UI
But if you read names of actions/conditions it is not hard to figure out what you want to click

For example saving your game variables to storage changed from WRITE to SAVE
And loading from READ to LOAD
So it is not hard to figure out
But feel no shame in asking here