I need help for a wall jump [SOLVED]

I would like to make it possible for the player to jump and bounce against a wall to change direction but I don’t know how to do it, could someone help me?

you could check collision with wall and if jumping if you want only to bounce when jumping.
Then apply a force to player in the oposite direction, if you want to be precise with direction i think you must use trigonometry

Thank you for your help. But I still need you, I’m a beginner and apart from activating the collision, I couldn’t do what you told me, I wish when the player jumps against a wall, he could jump a second time and the second jump sends him in the opposite direction from where he comes and I wouldn’t want to abuse your kindness but could you try to do that and send me a screenshot or tell me where I can find the features that will allow me to do what I want. Thank you.

haven’t tried myself, take a look here

Thank you very much.