I need separate simulated arcade controls for two players

Currently I am making a videogame for Android with 2 players. I want simulated arcade controls like you can watch in the adjunted image, but when a player moves the arcade stick, this event interferes with the other one. The movement of one paralizes to the other. How can I make independent the events of the controls in a multitactil screen?

Please I need the wonderfull help of this Forum.

Thank you!!!

You need to use the Multitouch instructions.
And feel free to take a look at my project called Jukade (on itch.io and Google Play Store), it’s a similar two-player game :slight_smile:

Hi! Gruk.
Thanks you for your answer, but I’m lost. Where can I looking for good information to work Multitouch in GDevelop? I need to know as you get to move both sprites in Heroki without one freeze the other. In my attached screenshot you can see like I work the movement of the joystick ball.
Please, help me.

Inspect this example: GDevelop 5

I am going to study it. Thank you for yor wonderfull help, Gruk.

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