I need to make the camera follow the player, but how

I used the Center camera on object event from what I read from the wiki and some tutorial videos, but it doesn’t work. How do i fix that?

Hi, I don’t know why ‘center camera on object’ isn’t working for you, but you can try this one:

It’s a bit rough, but it should work.

Okay. I shall try this.

It still doesn’t work.

Post your events or upload your project, because it works for us.

Did you drag the player into the scene?

Yeah, i did put the player in the scene. Why?

It should work then… it’s usually that simple… what other events do you have…

Not sure what it could be but try adding the condition “At the beginning of the scene” to your camera code

Okay. I shall try that.

It still doesn’t work.

Just for an experiment, try doing a key press condition “If C is pressed” , then the camera action… Then try to see if you press C, does it center the cam

No. It still doesn’t work.

The player on the base layer?

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No, i didn’t. What about it?

Do I need the base layer? I already put the base layer, but it still doesn’t work.