I need to recover

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MY thing is frozen and i have way to much progress to start again. so i opened piskel and closed it before it fully loaded

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its frozen

Explain what should happen when you run the game.


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[Opera Snapshot_2023-06-07_151332_editor.gdevelop.io.png](https://Opera Snapshot_2023-06-07_151332_editor.gdevelop.io.png)

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You’re going to have to be much more descriptive that that. What is this ‘thing’ - The editor, piskel, a preview of the game? At what point does it freeze? What actions are you doing (if any) before it freezes?


ok so i have to restart it but the piskel was the editor and it was frozen frozen like it said i still had it opened after i clossed it

Sorry, I’m still in the dark. Your sentence has no punctuation, so it’s really hard to understand it.

At a guess, I think you are using Piskel and it froze. But I’m not sure because you also refer to the editor which I take to mean the GDevelop editor.

The rest is just doing my head in. What do you mean with “frozen like it said”? What are you referring to with 'it"? And how can something still be open after you close it? How do you close it? And what is “it”?

Can you answer these questions, and number your answers so we know what each one matches:

  1. What freezes (Piskel, GDevelop editor, something else)?
  2. What are you doing before it freezes (for example, what key presses do you make, what files are you accessing, what buttons are you clicking, what options are you selecting…)?
  3. What does the task manager show (right click on task bar or windows icon and select Task Manager).