I recommend layer effect

hi boys,
I have a series of objects that are created in a secondary layer and I was looking for an effect that makes these objects dull black.
I tried the black and white effect but it doesn’t create the desired effect.
do you have any advice?

Hi ilary27, the Adjustment effect is a good one to play with. I’ve never done layer effects but assume it’s available for that too. The pic shows the Adjustment effect with reduced brightness and saturation. Middle pic is no effect. Third pic is black and white effect.
-not a boy

hello, thanks to your advice I was able to solve.
one last question since I’m not very practical, how could I do to make the color a little less strong?
the images are now black but I preferred a little more opaque.
this is how i am using the effect now

I applied your settings to my pic and the result was completely black. Which one of these do you want?

  1. Do you want to be able to see the detail of the objects like in my top example?
  2. Or do you want to see no detail but have it not as black, more like dark grey?

If you have access to an image editor that has adjustment settings then you can check what the different settings do by adjusting the values and seeing in real time the difference it makes. Things like saturation, brightness and contrast.

I’ve adjusted the brightness and saturation in my settings from yesterday and here’s the result.


I prefer the second option, no details
I tried to apply your advice but it shows too much

This is your settings but with red green and blue set to 0.25 instead of 0. If you want darker then make it less than 0.25. If you want it lighter than change to more than 0.25.

I mean your settings from your screenshot.

perfect was what I was looking for! thank you!