I trying to make a RPG game: Saving a Objects

Hello again, i writing a rpg game using gdevelop and i encountered a problem. Point is that: i have a ten copies of object “inv” like cells of player’s inventory. That cells have a variables “Num” as number of cells. Every time when players found a item (4 types of that - Weapon, Armor, Jewel, Flask) he can pick it up to one of ten cells or destroy it.
Problem in saving a user data. We have a lot (maximum 10) objects, what player storage in his inventory, and when he changes a scene or quit and come back another time - these items(objects) will exist, will have a properties-variables, will have an animation (number of it generates when generates a object) and variable “Position” which set its place on inventory. How can i do this?

I need a Object Save feature, or something like this, because progress and items in rpg is most important thing.