I updated gdevelop but Animation is not playing like in old version of gdevelop?

Hi i was using 3 frame attack animation that triggered by left click, it was working good in v.5.1.149 but its not properly plays all frames in v5.1.155 (you can see animation in perview but in game just shows 1. and 3. frames) i dont know is it bug or some change in engine logic

Maybe your origin point on the second frame of the animation is off? Might be worth going to Edit Points and checking the origin points. It could be that the second frame of the animation is being rendered off the visible screen area.

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Thanks, i will check.

No, its not about origin point, all frames use same points, and it plays first run correct and gives error on repeated plays

How about changing the timer “left” to ≥ 0.6 sec.