I want help whit the platformer tutorial

wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gd … formergame

The platformer tutorial was helpful in may ways but it wasn’t the clearest thing in the world. The tutorial said what eventa and actions you needed to use and how to use them but it didn’t say how to find everything. I couldn’t find several events and actions and thus couldn’t make things work like in the turorial. The ones i can’t find are these:
Player is in collision whit Bad ( Collision mask )
Variable GoLeft of Bad is =0
Allow Player to Jump again
Simulate pressing Jup Key for Player

can anyone please help me find these events and actions? What section and such.

In “All objects > Collision”

In “All objects > Variable” section (because this is an object variable, not a scene nor global variable).

In “Platformer Automatism” section

Note : You can search for actions/conditions using some keywords.

Thanks i finally could creata that sentence. Too bad the enemy still doesn’t move even though i have done everything rigth. What can be wrong? And i still need help whit the collision masking.

Is there any video tutorials about Gdevelop. They would be easier to follow since io can see every thing that’s happening.

Maybe if you send the project file, I can tell you where you made a mistake. :wink:

How do you send the project file to someone? Instead i will sen you to the images that show all my events.



The problem is simple : all your variable conditions are false. I don’t mean that you selected the wrong condition, you’ve just badly filled the parameters. The sentences (the way the condition is displayed) may have changed since the tutorial was made but I don’t think it’s complicated to just fill the gaps correctly with a bit of understanding.

Thanks alot, the enemy finally moves. Unfortunaley the enemy doesn’t chnages direction when he hits the markers and just wanders offscreen. So i muts still have done something wrong. Here is my events.


While we are at it i would want help whyit treeh other basic things and how to change the shots movement
1: How to make a sprite spawn things
2: How to increase scene size
3: How to give the player and enemies a health bar

The parameters in the variable conditions (events 2 and 3) are still wrong, the parameters order should look like in the event 4, read them and you should notice they have no sense. You can’t do “Variable (an object) of the object (a variable name)” but “Variable (a variable name) of the object (an object)” :wink:

A sprite doesn’t spawn anything, you spawn objects at the sprite position, with the action to create objects (All Objects >> Objects >> Create an object)

The scene size is infinite, maybe you are talking about the main camera size or window size. To modify the window size do a right click over the project (in the Project Manager window) and modify its properties.

There are some topics about it in the forum, for example: http://www.forum.compilgames.net/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=6636

Thanks that’s good.

Please, don’t write your questions inside the quote tags, it’s hard to get when the original quote ends and your qustion starts :neutral_face:

When setup the condition to test a key press, you can click the button at right of the parameter box, it will capture the next key you press to fill the parameter with the right key string.
To spawn an object A at the position of an object B, every time the Spacebar key is pressed, just do:

Conditions: Space key is pressed Actions: Create object A at B.X(); B.Y()
B.X() return the X position of the object B, the same for Y.

It’s infinite, you can place an object wherever you want, but you can look (through the camera) a limited zone of the scene. Maybe you are modifying the camera size (in the Layers Editor), modify the window size (in the Project Properties):
By the way, you can move the camera to look other scene areas :wink:

Thanks that’s good.

Again… please, don’t write your questions inside the quote tags, it’s hard to get when the original quote ends and your qustion starts :neutral_face:

Check the last image you’ve shared, I said that the condition in the event 4 is the right one (check that the order in the events 2 and 3 is different, they are wrong) :slight_smile:

I did click on the icon to the rigth and pressed the key i wanted. It then askedd if i should have left or rigth for it. Should i answer something specific there? Becuase i doesn’t spawn the object when i click the button. I do when i use the mouse so it must be the key pressing not the spawning itself that’s wrong.

And i did set 3 and 3 in the same order as 4. Enemy doesn’t move. So something must still be wrong.

Here is my events:

I do understanmd the scene thing now.

“GoRigth”, you should check if the object is named “GoRight” (correct spelling).

Also, you create the NewObject4 at the position Player.X(ShootPoint);Player.Ysize=110[/size] (you forgot to put ShootPoint in the Y() parenthesis). The object is spawning at the wrong place.