I want my shot down enemy airplanes go down in flames, but i struggle with particlets

How do I…

I am working on a sidescrolling shooter like “1942”. I spawn enemyplanes and managed to shoot them down. but now i struggle with the flames animation i did put in the external events flap.

What is the expected result

i want shot down planes to trail smoke and flames behind them. I managed to create the smoke itelf. and As soon a bullets hit the plane, it crashes with a trail of smoke. BUT…

Explain what should happen when you run the game.

What is the actual result

the Trail of smoke is actually shown but not only where the airplane is, but in many places. also after several shot down planes, the smoke does not appear anymore. The trail of smoke should only be at the position of the recent shot down plane.

Explain what is happening instead, what is going wrong.

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Image of the smoke from ONE hit airplane. the one hit is the one tilting downwards (marked):

The biggest issues I see is that you are trying to link particle emitters to an object in a separate event from the one that they were created.

That won’t work as there will be no particle creator (or enemy ship) targetted, and therefore your event will just apply it to the first one it can find every frame.

What I would do is move the link particle emitter actions to the same event as the one they get created. Then you probably also need to add a trigger once condition (otherwise it will create infinite emitters while the bullet is in collision)

Then you need to move all of the rotation/movement actions into a “for each enemyfighter109” event, and it must include the "take into account all “ParticleGeneratornamehere” linked with “Enemyfighter109"” as the condition.

That will have the emitters only move with the enemy ship they are linked too.

Hey, thank you for the reply! i will try this. many thanks!