I want to create a CHESS game. Is it possible?

Yes, another online chess game that can be played PvsP , PvsAI or even AIvsAI. What’s the point for another chess game?
Well yes. The idea is about a MMORG action game and the action part , the battlefield, will be o.g chessboard. Players will found their tribes that evolve to kingdoms and empires, build , research,harvest resources, train troops and invade other people’s realms , checkmating them to conquer them.
I believe I have figured out how to develop building part, and I am here to find how to insert the action part, the chess part.
So, is it possible to use your program to create a chess game , a machinery just forcing players move their pieces properly?
Please let me know. If not possible ( most likely) , any suggestions?

Before giving you my opinion, i would ask you this:
I suppose you can play chess in real life but what is you knowledge in programmation? (no on GDevelop)
Before all, to program chess logic, you must be able to write on paper all the analyse and logic to solve chess problem.
To give you my thinkings, yes it’s possible to make a chess program with GDevelop (and all games engine in the market) as it’s possible to do the same with any programming language.

Thanks by advance for your response.

Very poor to zero coding skills in modern languag s, still, a math freak, good researcher and enthusiast, so I think I will make it. If not, I will keep trying. But I am here exactly because of my poor coding skills. Besides, I have to clarify that I get the difficulty to create a descent chess AI, so as a start I just want to see if possible to create a PvsP chess game. I browsed Gdeveloper features and I found nothing to resemble to what I am looking for. Any suggestion where to look?

if you look for local pvp (same PC/Phone) ure good to go. I am making a cardgame, taking turns with a chesscomparable board to play and move the cards. very doable.
if you want to connect online you should wait a little til its better integrated.