i want to make a game like doodle jump

hi i am new here, so apologizes if ask something ridicules.
i want to make a game like doodle jump, i want to know how i can make the platforms spawn randomly as the player goes up. make the player jump by themselves, and if the player drops the game will restart.
thanks again :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s a too easy to make such game in a day actually.

I recommend the platform plugin where you set the following conditions:

If player on ground
simulate jump key

and for random platform creation just calculate randomly any point off the screen and create object of platform there and if that object goes down then also delete that object to save up the memory.
It need some calculation but that’s easy

hope so it’s helps you

Do you have any example of the events? Sorry I’m really really bad at this so :frowning:

Seems that you are newbie to g develop.
instead of making game directly it will be good to first explore the basic features of g develop

Even if I told you how to do this events then still there are lots of things ahead(scene transition, saving high score etc…).

So you will waste your time by asking again and again here.

So please first study g develop and start with the tutorials which are on their official site

Hope so it better helps you