I want to make this commands and Actions

I think it is clear to everyone how this command or actions will work.And I am thinking to make this commands and actions by Functions and Behaviors.But problem is I don’t know much about it. So any kind of help will be great. Specially from @BOUH And @ddabrahim

Si vous souhaitez apprendre comment faire quelque chose, il faudra commencé par cherché où pourrais être l’information dont vous avez besoin.
Il n’y a pas de tutoriel meilleur que le wiki qui si il n’est pas complet on le complétera avec les informations manquante.


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As Bouh did pointed out, it is explained on the wiki how to create functions and behaviours.
Is there anything in particular that you don’t understand regarding how to create a function?

One thing that maybe confusing some people is that both functions and behaviors contained within an extension and both the extension and the behavior can have their own functions. So we have 2 function types. Extension function and Behavior function.

The main difference is that, Extension functions doesn’t need to have an object parameter but in case it does have an object parameter, we can pass any object to an extension function. It is your decision.
Behavior functions must have at least 1 object parameter and we need to pass an object to the function with the behaviour attached where the function is declared. It is can not be changed.

So basically, if you are developing a behavior to be attached to an object and you want to create a function to work with the object the behavior is attached to and behavior properties, then you want to create a behavior function.
In any other case, an Extension function is what you need.

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