I would love help creating XML structured files

Hey everybody, I’ve been trying to put highscores in my game. (calvinlld.itch.io/bat-n-bean) and I do not know how to! I’ve found many tutorials explaining how to load structured files in Gdevelop, but literally none explaining how to MAKE a structured file, and put it in an accessible place.
If someone could help me with this that would be wonderful! :nerd:

GD creates the file for you, try it:

Conditions: At the beginning of the scene Actions: Write value 27 in group "score" of file "save.txt"
If you launch a preview, GD should create a file “save.txt” aside the project .gdg file (uses relative path) containing a group “score” with a value of 27, then you can edit this file to add default values, move it to the exported project folder to read defaults, etc. :slight_smile: