Icon based Event Editor

I’m used to looking for images, icons, pictures, when I’m looking thru event editor. Not really oriented towards bunch of text. Sometimes I lost myself trying to figure out a simple group event.

I believe this approach would benefit a lot for everyone. You find your icon group, and then find the option you need. It can be much quicker when you memorize places and shortcuts for every option you need.
Looks so much cleaner and easy to understand.

This is just a suggestion.

Hi, I just would like to give a different opinion on that:

And that’s what you can already do. You can ignore the text and just scan through the list for the icon you need.

I agree, but I think this could be very off-putting for beginners and everyone who is using Gdevelop on a non-regular basis.

I believe that a range of possible options to search and find the things you want to do is a benefit for everyone instead of limiting the user experience. Other software that uses icons a lot often offers also the option to do the same thing through a list.

Insofar imho the combination of icons and text is a good compromise to give the best experience to all possible users.

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I don’t get the point, icons are visible in the editor: