I'd like you to consider adding sprite Atlas.

Hello. I am a game graphic designer working in Korea.
My English is not good, so please understand me.

I am using gdvelop to show the game that I want to to a programmer!

In the meantime, I think it would be more efficient to use this tool to create a Facebook game.

However, considering the Facebook instant game sdk, the quality is much lower than other Unity or other tools.

We use 40 to 60 frames

I really want to use 60 frames… :slight_smile:
I’d like you to consider adding sprite Atlas.

Let’s hope the gdvelop will grow even more.

@YJ0102 Hi. The developers are already aware of this requirement and they have it on their roadmap:

Spritesheet / Texture Atlas on export


Spritesheet / Texture Atlas on import


Also you can currently import spritesheets using the embedded image editor Piskel (GIF):

The only problem is that when importing the spritesheet GDevelop will slice it and create individual images to be used in the Game runtime folder for the preview, as well as in the final exported game folder.

Someone recently also create an extension to use the TiledSprite Object to import SpriteSheets which could temporarily help avoid the issue of cut images, however TiledSprites do not have the same properties as normal Sprite objects like adjusting the Pivot point or changing state, so be careful if you try to use it for characters (it should work fine for terrain, although I have not tested the extension myself).

For now please vote in the roadmap and make a comment so the @4ian and other developers become interested in implementing these important features! :blush:

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매우 고마워요. 호세모레노!

답변이 저에게 매우 도움이 되었습니다!

앞으로 좋은일 가득하기를…!

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