Ideas for new extensions

Extensions for the engine that significantly expand the functionality and visual part of the game
We would like to suggest the following elements for consideration such as:
one-way input field, multi-sided input field (textarea), listbox, progress bar.

Support the idea if you like it!


I think you might have misunderstood what extensions are. Nearly every extension in the engine is made by the community, and are not created via feature requests (which are intended for the dev team).

You can find out more about making extensions here: Create your own extensions (behaviors, conditions, actions or expressions) [GDevelop wiki]

Also keep in mind that while the exported game can be used in HTML5, it is not an HTML page itself.
Input Fields/multiple line input fields/etc are already possible today using Text Objects and the Text Input objects.

Progress bars are already possible today and are set up nearly identical to how health bars are set up:

Additionally, the forum is not really a place for “please bump/support this idea if you like it”, as that isn’t really how feature requests work. This is not a “no” or “this won’t happen”, this is just to give you more context as to why you might not see these implemented by the devs or contributors.

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I went to trello and I see that it says GDevelop Extensions

To make it clear to everyone what I mean, I give an example of these behaviors: Checkbox, SliderControl

May I ask why I can’t share my opinion?
I feel insulted…

I’m not sure what you are asking. As I mentioned, extensions are mostly made by the community. Not the dev team or engine code contributors. While this feature request forum is mostly for engine features. You are fine to post your thread here, but note that no one may pick it up.

The extensions trello is explicitly for the extensions community team, so only they can add new things there. You can add a new comment to the “new ideas” card on the trello, however.

Outside of that. It is fine for this thread to be here, but please keep in mind you should not ask for people to bump your thread in interest in the future.

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