Ideas on how to develop a quiz game

I am trying to develop a game for students to take quizzes, said game would be based on questions from different chapters of their textbook. The game should be able to run on computers as well as mobile devices. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I can make you a template to base it on if you want.
Edit: Do you have experience with Gdevelop?

To keep it simple, what I would do is make each quiz on a separated scene and common logic can be stored and linked from an external event and custom logic like which one is the correct answer can be added for each scene individually. Also common scene elements like GUI, background can be loaded from an external layout. This way you could easily setup each quiz question, even sort questions in to categories and change between them even choose random questions (scene) if you want. Can also add any custom logic or graphics to any quiz you want. Like science and history questions could have a different background and gui and also easily setup a quiz to choose 1 correct answer or choose multiple or choose in the right order…etc because each quiz live on it own scene and each scene has it own logic (events)… The down side though, you probably going to need tons of scenes but GDevelop IDE is not very good at sorting them, actually doesn’t offer any ways to sort scenes though been requested by many since GDevelop 2. It may going to be a pain to manage the scenes in the IDE in case we are talking about hundreds of quizzes (scenes). To keep the number down you may want to do a quiz app for a certain subject only like science and history two separated app for example may even narrow the topic even further to keep the number of scenes down. It would be the most simple way to do.

But if you want to have some sort of database of questions, answers and load questions dynamically from the database and related answers then your best option is using structure variables or JSON… The down side though It is going to be way more complicated to implement the logic to choose a quiz, pick the related questions know which answer is the correct and to implement quizzes that can also have multiple correct answers or need to select in order…etc. You going to need to store all the info in the database for each quiz and what I would do, is have 2-3 preset layouts and scenes for different type of quizzes and based on the info stored in the database with the quiz, I would load the scene/layout that fit the quiz and then load the question and answers of the quiz.

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I would love a Quiz template if it is going.
I’m trying to wrap my head around using structure variables now to create an array and also looking at how to implement JSON.

Do you have the template? I’m trying to make a platform game for my students like super mario, with quizzes about maths when the character collide with some boxes. I’m new and I’m lost.

I did share a quiz template here:

But in case you are new to GDevelop and game dev it is probably too complicated example and not even what you actually looking for.
Not sure if it helps, but have a look. :+1:


I just tried your quiz game and it looks super cool.
It even starts randomly.
Merry Christmas.