Idle animation please help

Im trying to workon and idle animation but i don’t know how to play the idle animation when facing left if anyone knows how to fix then please tell me here is my code so far (Yes i know why it is not working currently i just don’t know how to fix it)

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How are you currently displaying the left animation?

I’m pretty new to all of this, so this may not be great advice. But…
It looks like what you want to do is NOT invert either of those conditions. Then under the curser/touch is on LeftArrowButton “set animation” to “idle”.
Though that will just do it while touching the button.
I think you also might want to use a variable to set between zero and one. So when you press left, it sets the variable to 0 and have a condition that when that variable is set to 0, you play the idle animation. Then when you hit the right button, change the variable to 1.

Something like that I would think will work. But like I said, I’m still just figuring this all out myself.

The left idle animation, or the left walking animation?

The left walking animation. Sorry, I should have been more specific :smiley: .

I asked, because if you flip the animations to go left, then all you need to do is check the DinoDoux isn’t moving, and then just play the idle animation.

But if you have separate animations for left and right, then you’ll want to check the DinoDoux isn’t moving, and then set the idle animation based on the name of the current animation. Or even use the suggestion from @Electroblep, and keep track of the direction with an object variable.

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