If clicked condition

What I am in desperate need of is a condition where it is;

For example, if object is clicked then action would be like hide object.

If you don’t understand just tell me and I’ll try and explain it better.

Just add the conditions “Cursor over an object” + “Click pressed”, this way:

But this way, if you hold the click pressed, the event will launch every frame, so you will need a “Trigger once” condition:

But the “Trigger once” is true each time all the other conditions are true, after at least one of them was false. In summary, if the condition “Cursor over an object” is false and then true, and the “Click pressed” condition is true, the event will run again… In other words, if you hold down the click, and move the cursor outside and inside the object, the event will launch again, my last approach is:

This way, the “Trigger once” will run once each time the click is pressed: click->run, click->run… Then, if the click is just pressed, check if the cursor is over the object, and launch the actions :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks, you’re a life saver. I will try this method, hopefully it will work for what I want!

This helped me a lot. Thank you for sharing this!