If else core engine http request

Hi I noticed a weak point in the events sheet. The if else construct is missing. Have a more in-depth javascript guide associated with the gdevelop core engine.
the send http request action would be more convenient if it had 2 other “status of response” and “set header” fields

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Obviously this is a very recurrent feature request. Please look if your feature wasn’t already requested before requesting it. There is a reason why there is no else in GDevelop.

Yep, headers would be nice. For status of response can’t you just see what is in the variable for response?

There is no GDevelop core engine. I guess you are talking about the Js engine as it is the only currently present in GDevelop. There are simply no need for a better guide. Javascript events are made for people who already know Javascript, if you do then the GDJS runtime documentation and autocomplete of the Monaco editor in the Js events should be more than enough.