If file become corrupted????

Last Time I was making this game (last year) and the file become corrupted. And I become really disappointed. I am really passionated about this game. I am making this game again. So what are the reason that Gdevelop file can become corrupted. Please do tell. Thankyou

  1. hard drive fail
  2. virus/ransomware
  3. GD does sometime screw things up when save the project but it very rare and never made the whole project corrupted for me but caused small problems only

Really, it can happen to any project not only GD, the best if you always backup your project. Personally I backup everything, every day to cloud storage doesn’t matter how small the changes are and also make backups to external storage too.

If you still have the file available, can you open it in software like notepad++ (or any hex editor) and compare to my issue here?
Gdg project file corrupted (low priority, cause not known) It may or may not be the same issue. But, if it is the same issue and more than one person is getting it, that might help us get some insight into the culprit.

ok I will try this with in a few day.