If this animation, than this rule should work, SOLVED!

Hey guys, sorry to bother you again :blush:

i’m pretty far with my first small game, i read the tutorials and everything the whole nigt, but now i’m stuck and i cant find a solution…
The game it self: a ball roling and bottles are coming up, so you have to jump over exept the bottles who are the same color as the ball, than you can smash in the bottle and get a point, but the color of the ball changes. All that works perfectly, but as soon as the ball changes the color, it won’t apply the rule. for example: when the ball is red, you can smash trough all red bottles, as soon as it touches a blue bottle it’s Game over. But when the ball is Blue, you can smash the blue bottles, and if it touches the red ones, it’s game over.

what am i Missing?

I did the color change with different animation of the ball

Thanks for your help

I’m not completely sure, but think you may be missing some conditions and perhaps need to set up some timers or more variables to control that.

ouuu i worked it out, uuu tha’ts embarrassing, i missed to change the values… here’s the Code if some one wants to to something similar 33