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  • Create a game in GDevelop 4/5
  • (https://gdevelop-app.com/)
  • Could it be played in HTML5 or Windows/Mac/Linux or Mobile devices
  • The game must be created only by you or your team.
  • No insult, no spam, no self promotion of other games.
  • No older projects, please do not reuse other games you created.
  • Theme: Any theme.
  • Assets - Previous assets you have created are allowed, but we recommend that you create new ones for the game jam.
  • Assets: You can use any assets, free or paid, that you created or other creators, if the assets has Attribution is required, you should mention in some screen of the game.
  • Gamesigniter assets: You can request to use our assets during the gamejam. here

Prize for the 1st:


​A 6 months subscription will be granted to the winner.****

Please help us decide which of the three is the prize

  • 1 - 8BitDo SN30 Pro
  • 2 - FANGTUOSI Video Game Console Mini 8 Bit 168 Games
  • 3 - Built-In 500/620/621 Games Mini TV Game
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Winner of the poll,
This gamepad is going to be the prize for the winner of the gamejam.

  • 1 domain .com (FREE) for a year for you to upload yor website **
  • 1 hosting account (FREE) for a year, Hosted in US servers ***
  • 1 tileset assets from our itch.io store

Prize for all participants:

  • 1 tileset assets from our itch.io store

IMPORTANT: You can request the money instead of the prize, value is 15€, will be sended to you via PayPal.
DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to send the prize in money in case we cannot complete the shipment due to location issues.


The INDIE subscription will be guaranteed to the winner through the creators of GDevelop, when the winner is decided, the GDevelop organization will be notified to activate the subscription. Games Igniter is not responsible for such management and therefore we cannot guarantee a specific date of application of the INDIE subscription.​


Some users ask me if a team participation wins the game jam the prize is for each members of the team?

No, sorry for that right now is just for one person alone.




Thanks to all for make this possible.


I would consider to add a 4th option - Money/Gift card or digital content because if the winner lives in a different country he/she might need to pay import charges to receive a physical product which can also easily lost as in some countries the postal service is extremely bureaucratic. May hold the shipment if they think anything is wrong with the address, can’t read a letter or something and claim to return it to sender but they never actually do it and blame the foreign colleges lost it and there is nothing you can do not even if it was a tracked delivery because tracking does not apply in case it is returned due to wrong address. And if it never been tracked they go ahead and steal it, report it lost, claim never received…etc :+1:

I’ve been dealing with this a lot, in most countries you can not trust the local services, your best option for shipping is to use an international service like UPS, DHL, FedEx where the shipment stay with them from start to finish and if they need to rely on 3rd party service to cover an area, their foreign office take responsibility for the shipment but it can be expensive if you want to ship something worth less than $100 because the shipping might cost more than the product you are sending.

Oh, it’s done I added the disclaimer for the shipment , in case I can’t send the prize so a PayPal payout will be sent to the winner.

Preparing a lot of assets for the game jam, in time if any of the participant want to use those assets just send me an email or make request in the jam community and I give a promo code to download all assets available.
Availabe assets

Preparing some assets for the Igniter Game Jam.

Meet Red Laura, a brand new character.
4 tilesets created, and some walls for backfground.

Based on this template

I really like game jams and gdevelop is pretty much perfect for fast prototyping. What I would suggest though is to have a theme. I have found it is really helpful for jams since it focuses your thinking. You could also try 2 or 3 themes so that the participants can choose one that suits them.

I joined and will probably make something unless august turns out to be too hectic…

Tell Us which theme you think, and we run a poll to see how it goes.

It is usually up to the jam host to decide on a theme… If you want to have a poll just do one on whether there should be one theme, multiple themes or no themes at all and take it from there…

More assets coming soon!


Congratulations. Thanks to all for participate.
The winner is


Damn I missed the Jam! Congratulations to the winner for Bubble Box!

Now an all too obvious question… When’s the next jam?

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Congratulations :confetti_ball: to the winner of the jam :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada::clap::clap::blush:

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