I'm going to program a flying bird

I’m going to program a flying bird. a bird flying in groups of sine curves
I used “SineMovement” Behavior, “ObjectSpawner” Behavior and “Add action” related them.(Set horizontal distance, Set vertical distance, Set horizontal speed, Set vertical speed…)
(like MSX game ‘Knightmare 1’)
I don’t know why it’s not working properly. Help me!

Hi, I am not sure if other forum members understand your problem better, but just for clarification: What do you expect to happen and what is actually happening?

I believe he refer, the “position” of birds aren’t regulars (Same distance and angle)
You can look some birds are more distant than others and more up or down.

And i believe the question is:
Why i put a force and angle to move the bird and don’t respected these perfectly?

@hanyon21, I’m with Drona on this one. You need to explain the problem and what happens. Can you perhaps make a short video or gif, and show us what is happening? And in your reply, include a screen shot of the movement events - otherwise we’re just guessing to what the issue may be.

@ElementerTheDragon, That image is from the editor, not a screen shot of the game (the focus rectangle gives it away), so it shouldn’t be about the positioning.