I'm having a problem with instance variables.

I’m trying to make a zombie shooter game, and have to make each zombie have their independent hp. But inside of the eventviewer i’m unable to make/compare instance variables, it will only let me make scene/global variables. The problem is that if i hit one zombie, i hit them all.

Beside the scene and global vars, still are the object variables. I don´t know if this can help you but maybe you can sort that out with these object vars!?..

I’m unable to compare a object variable in the eventviewer. So i’m unable to destroy a object, add blood and shit depending on the variable.

Instance variable = objects variable. Compare object vars of zombies in a for each loop.

The conditions/actions related to object variables are located at “All objects >> Variables” :wink:

How do i compare them in a for each loop, i downloaded the program today, i’m having a hard time finding it.

^ I’m unable to find any variable that is able to compare object/instance variable