I'm having problems with the Y-Sort for Floors (Solved)

Okay, so I’m making a top-down RPG style game, and I using Y sort for the depth and stuff.
I’m using a tile sprite floor, and the player keeps clipping through it at certain points.
I’ve tried putting the floor on another layer, but the camera on the player keeps moving, so the floor just stays in one place.

If you move the floor to another layer you need to move that layer with the camera too, so the camera will fall the player but moves the floor according to the same coordinates.


Remember to make a point on all objects that’s at the bottom of the sprite image, and use that as the Y reference when sorting.

Otherwise you’ll be comparing the origin (usually top left), which is not what you want

Okay, but how do I do that?
Edit: I made Camera #2 on the floor layer
follow the player, and it worked.