Im not taking damage

so i created enemies that use health bar extension and using variables but ever since i added health to the enemies the First enemy i kill does damage but then the rest don’t, I’m assuming its cause the game is registering all the enemies health to 0 there for they cant damage

when you start the game you should be able to kill an enemy and move to the next one while taking damage for every collision. but instead when i collide with the first enemy i take the damage until it dies then no other enemies damage me

What happens when the ‘male’ collides with ‘goblin’?

Does male dies right away??

And what happens to the goblin?

When the"male" collides with “goblin” male tkes 5 points of damage out of 100 with a damage cool down of 2 and when the distance between the hoblin and male is less than 1 pixel and left mouse is pressed then the goblin takes 5 point of damage out of 50 with a damage cooldown of 0