image slider

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I want to create an image slider on android, but Im pretty confused with the system…

How to make our picture can change to the next picture with a click?

I want to make it orderly…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Start some tutorials about sprites and interraction, you’ll find the basis of the solution quickly i guess.

It’s all about changing the frame of an animation (or changing an animation for different galleries for example) on each click, it’s very basic, even if you want so kind of transition between images (in the case you provide the images WITH the app).

The main problem i can see (because i don’t use HTML5 render and android/ios export) is image source : you want the app to load and display the images from the android gallery right ? idk if it’s possible with paths, permissions, but in the case you want an app to display theses images you’ll need to use the drawer instead of sprites i suppose…

But for now, practice with tutorials, it’s the best you can do to enlarge your available options for your app.

Good idea using the frame never thought of it :smiley:

Hi, i’ve tried made some slider for you, check the attachment :slight_smile: (just click on the screen to slide next image)
slider.gdg (23.8 KB)