Images appear in low resolution

I recently started creating a game with GDevelop that I designed. However, I’m having quite a few difficulties with the resolution and overall quality of the sprites I load. Even though I’m uploading high-resolution images in GDevelop, the images appear in low resolution. I’ve already tried going to resources and disabling the smooth images option, but it doesn’t change much. Initially, I thought it might be just the editor and the desktop preview showing them blurred, but I have the same problem when I look at the preview on the app

In addition to the quality of the icons, text, and other components, when I test it on mobile, the entire UI shrinks and moves to the bottom left. (Project resolution is 1280x720)
Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @Drekar welcome to the community!

Most modern screens are higher resolution than “1280x720”. When you run your project at a higher resolution screen (lets say 1920x1080), the game will be upscaled to fit the screen, but the game is still at “1280x720” just looks bigger. You’ll need to set your project to a higher resolution (1920x1080 is a standard).

Also keep the smooth images options enabled, it’s only good for pixel art.

Not sure why! Are you using camera zoom on the ui layer?

Hi @insein, thanks for the response. Maybe I forgot to mention that the game is for mobile, not desktop. Anyway, even though I had the resolution set to 1280x720, the components were much larger. In fact, to fit them on the screen, I had to shrink them (does the parent element in the resources remain the same size as it was before shrinking the instance, right?). However, my only suspicion is that it’s just the GDevelop workspace and preview that display them like this. So, when the game is exported, the resolution might be better. I say this because when I zoom in, the icons look good, but when I shrink or zoom out, they become unclear.

As for the UI in the bottom left corner, I solved it by using a resolution of 1920x887, which I saw was the resolution of the screenshot I had taken on the iPhone 12

Yes. But, since you set the game resolution to 1280x720, the final scene is rendered at this resolution.

It’s the same in the preview or the exported game.

Since zooming shows bigger sprite size so more pixels are being rendered thus more details are visible.

Every device has a different aspect ratio, so try to find a standard resolution and use the “Change width / height to fit the screen or window size” to work on different screen sizes. Do some googling to find what resolution best suits your game.

Hope my explanations are clear enough and make sense!

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