Img from url does not work with all URLs

When I want to use my own image url in the Load image from url example, it doesn’t load and the object becomes transparent.
I tried on itchio, xampp and apk, with pictures from firebase storage and my webspace.
Some URLs work, some don’t. The google logo doesn’t work, the one from ebay works. So it’s a server setting problem?
And the strange thing is, in the game preview at the installed GD version all urls works.

I believe it’s a server setting, indeed.

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Oh I remember.
For your own websapce htaccess file with
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

And for Firebase Storage this Download files with Cloud Storage on Web  |  Firebase Documentation


hi, can you tell me if and how you managed to make it work on mobile?

The example was replaced by the Load images from a URL extension.
I just tested it. It’s definitely a server-side thing where the images are stored. On one of my websapces it works as described with the htaccess file next to the images, but not with the other one.

If it doesn’t work for you with htaccess and you don’t have full control over the server, I think there’s nothing you can do.