Impassable Objects

Hello. I am a newbie in gdevelop and currently working on a game. I have a problem. I am using “separate two objects” to not let the player moves through objects. However, the background of the object is what that bumping to the character, not the object. I am using png image for the objects. Any advice to make this work. Thank you!

Can you take a screenshot of the event sheet? Thank you.

Another picture

Thanks, but I meant a screenshot of the events of the scene, the box that says “Game (Events)”.

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Remember that by default, the collision mask is the whole picture, including the transparent areas. If that isn’t what you want, use a custom collision mask.

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how to do this? this is what I need

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:scream: Please put all of those objects (O2_**, Medbay*, Elec*, etc.) into a group called something like “Obstacles” and you only need a single action instead of creating the same action for every single obstacle object you create!
Then you just have to remember to add new objects to the “Obstacles” group.


I would go even simpler than this.

Make a single red box sprite object. Put numerous copies on the scene over whereever you want collisions. Set up events that hide the collision objects at the start of scene.

Then set up one event to move the players or other items away. That way you don’t need to add a bunch of items to a group, even

thank you for thiis :blush::blush: