Implementing the shooting interface from Peggle

Hello, another post from my Peggle like game, The current shooting interface is with touching in the screen, That is good, But the player will be able to win the game easily just popping the orange pegs, So if someone knows to implement the shooting interface of Peggle it would be nice.

Can you clarify this? Do you mean you can destroy the orange pegs with touch? Or does the ball appear where you touch? You’ll need to explain a bit more, or maybe show in a video what you mean. (4)

Here’s a video

So you’re after something like this (excuse the graphics, but you get the idea :smiley: )


There is no aiming line, that’s a whole other kettle of fish - you need to draw an arc rather than a straight line, because the marble is affected by gravity.

If so, here are the setup and events :

The turret is 32x32

And for both BigBall and Marble objects, the origin is at the centre.

Then add the following events :

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Thanks! the shoot interface is now very better.