Import AVI video to keep transparency

I’m making a fan, and was going to render it as a transparent standalone to cut down on rendering my entire environment for the one moving fan. Any way that I can import a video that supports an alpha channel so the background is transparent?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but my guess is…


First of all, AVI is not supported. Even if it were, AVI does not have an alpha channel. Second of all, GDevelop docs say that it only supports mp4 encoded in H.264… but H.264 doesn’t have an alpha channel.

The next best thing seems to be sprites. Turn the video’s frames into a spritesheet and play the sprites back.



You can always turn your .AVI to a gif then split the .GIF sprites and add all sprites as an animation. is not the best but it will work.
Other option is just to convert your AVI to MP4 as @Sciller4 suggested.