Import/export assets between projects. better handling of deleted assets. opportunities for search improvements

I was thinking how nice it would be if we had the option to move data between projects. Not just like adding an image or sound file, but if we could copy entire scenes or external layouts or functions between projects. I think it could help expedite game production a great deal, and encourage people to write and refine good code that can be reused.

I’ve also noticed that removing an object from a game doesn’t seem to remove the file from the game folder. It’s avoidable with good planning, but it’s also great to be able to change your mind on an image without leaving your finished product full of unused files. It’s a nightmare to clean up. I feel like if gdevelop is smart enough to create its own file folder and fill it up, it should also be wise enough to clean it when files are replaced.

A super nice feature would be if we could search through the game and find any objects that aren’t referenced in the code or placed on a scene and delete them; or even make it part of the export process. It could help reduce server load when exporting. I’m guessing I’m not the only person that has built games with tons of unused obsolete files.

Perhaps some of these features (if implemented) could even be used as a premium function to encourage subscriptions :slight_smile:

Thank you for making a wonderful free app. I especially appreciated the last update; although it makes me wonder if someone in development is a mind reader.

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  • Functions/extensions are made to be reused in other scenes/projects.
  • A scene can be copy-pasted. You can also duplicate a whole project and remove the parts you don’t need.
  • “Remove unused resources” from the Resources tab. But we really don’t want to delete image files (that took hours to make) just because an animation or object was removed from a scene. :scream: If your project folder is full of obsolete files and you don’t want to sort it all, do File/Save as to a new folder.

Before requesting a feature, better check if it’s not already there. :slight_smile:


Yes, I saw that too when working on a community project. This can be annoying indeed. This is due to the fact that GDevelop just writes the files when saving, it never deleted anything. This could be provided as an option indeed

Objects are not stored as files so this is a bit confusing. Can you elaborate? For resources you can use remove unused resources when right-clicking on the resources tab.

We only make options “premium” if they actually require money to be maintained. For now only the exports are provided by subscriptions as they require money for hosting the build servers.

Extension are basically reusable external events. Try to look into them :wink:

Yes, moving stuff may be a bit tedious. I think an external utility could be coded for that, but it isn’t a priority for GDevelop. Extension are already there, and only thing really missing is to be able to ship an object with an extension.

Well peer to peer basically enables multiplayer and lighting were both most asked features excluding 3D.


LOL ty.

There’s just so much gdevelop can do it’s hard to figure it all out. But thanks again :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed in some builds there will be tons of older images that I’ve since replaced. I think this is my own fault though for not finding sooner the resources remove tab.

I think an option to do that automatically on export is a good idea personally.

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I’m gratified. At least with one good suggestion this thread is not a total waste :slight_smile:

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