Import/Export variables in the editor

What: Ability to export and import scene/global variables to and from a JSON file in the editor (not events)
Why: This will give the ability to modify variables outside the editor with external programs

Hello Eyad!
Can I ask under which circumstances you want to modify your Variables outside GDevelop with the help of other softwares?

That wouldn’t be very good because there is no guarantee the variable types of GDevelop will continue overlapping with JSON’s in the future, which would be a problem for export, and it is tedious to need to import/export all the time.

Instead, you can use the already existing solution, JSON resources! Create a JSON file as you wish, then install the “Load JSON resources into variable” extension. At the beginning of your scene, just use the action to load the JSON file into a variable and you can use your JSON’s data as you wish!

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