Import games

Hello if i add the game to a website to test it to friends i can always keep editing it?
the game is not complete i am the amount on the site but after it is always possible to modify it or when imported it is impossible?

Thanks for any answers.

To be edited in Gdevelop, it requires the gdg file. Html5 game could be edited through code(html/js) edit, but not with GD.

To allow you friends to test it, export the game and publish the export game folder to a web server, and that’s all. Keep your sources (gdg files and related medias (images/sounds), and keep editing it for ever with source.

If want the game to remain “private” (if your problem is that somebody could stole the concept or some art), just provide direclty the html folder to your friends (send a zip by email), or secure the web folder with a basic .htaccess.