Import structure from Excel

I’ve read many topics on this, but found varying answers. I have a huge list of variables (in a txt document) and I want to copy it into GDevelop.

From what I understand, I need to:

  1. Create the structure in Excel.
  2. Convert it to JSON.
  3. Import it into GDevelop.

My only issue is with step 1. How should the table be set up to have a structure like:
[Structure][Substructures][Strings of each structure]

For example, I might have:
Structure Name
-----> Substructure1
-----------> String1
-----------> String2
-----> Substructure2
-----------> String
-----------> String2

I also tried manually editing the project’s JSON file as suggested, but there are issues: some structures have values created by GDevelop that can’t be made up, like: “persistentUuid”: “38bb30fb-4f3f-4221-946a-1a0d37fa2212”

Thanks so much in advance!