Import videos in h264

I’m making a game and I would like to add videos for curscenes, but when I send the video in mp4 it is blurry, in addition, when the mp4 is inverted to h264, it is not available in the options. I would really like to know how to insert this h264 file or transform the mp4 into h264 encoding while still being an mp4.

Thank you for it

I’ve done some testing now and am not able to reproduce the issue. Not sure what issues you might be running into.

Not sure what you mean “Inverted to h264”. Ensure your video is actually any h264 encoded MP4s, and not stored in another filetype or container.

I just tested with 2 different H264 encoded mp4s from here, and they both look fine with no blurriness: H.264 Demo Clips -

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I had doubts related to the mp4 encoded in h 264, because I had no idea how to encode it or which website to use for it. Could you tell me how I would do the coding?
And thank you for responding to me

Generally you should not be looking at websites for your video encoding.

Most “encoding” sites do not give you actual control over your content encoding details and in some cases retain your footage without your consent.

There are tons of video encoding tools out there. If you are not looking to do edits and are just looking to reencode existing video, you should probably look into something like Handbrake or Vidcoder. If you are looking to do basic editing, probably something like ShotCut or OpenShot.

If you are wanting full blown editing and encoding you should be lookint at Davinci Resolve.

Outside of that there is no code I can help you with on this, as there isn’t any advanced functionality for video files beyond playing rhe video. You can see an example of using a video object in the “Video Player” example which is included in the main examples list within the engine.

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Ok, thank you very much