Importing layer group into GDevelop

An option to import files from photoshop in a batch. Like if i have 30 layers in photoshop but i dont wanna merge them because I want them to be seperate while imported to GDevelop so I can move them around but I want them all to stay in the composition i put them in when I was inside of photoshop. So click “export as group” or something.

Unity has this feature.

Its so tedious to save 30 assets seperately and import one by one by one.

Hi and welcome here! :slight_smile:
This idea has already been suggested, and is listed on our Trello board, but we need someone able to implement it in GDevelop. :person_shrugging:
Feel free to offer a bounty for this feature, this is the best way to get things done if you really need it.