Importing multiple sprites at once?

Hi guys!

Is there any way to import multiple sprites (or create multiple objects) at once? After having finished a simple game’s entire sprite set (not as a tile map but as separate image files), importing 200+ sprites of ground, walls and backgrounds one by one is a hassle the so far has taken me half a day.

Any workaround at least?

You can import multiple images for each animation (e.g you can pick “walk0.png”, “walk1.png”, “walk2.png”, etc. at once).

But you can’t do that for multiple objects… how GD would know if you want multiple objects or an object with multiple animation/frames?, if each image should be an object which object type?, if the default is sprites they will have a single animation with a single frame, and the default names would be a pain (“NewObject235”) :slight_smile:

If you’re able to read and understand a .json file then you might be able to do this somehow by editing the game.json file directly… I recommend making a backup of it first in case you stuff something up. Create one object in GDevelop first as an example, then open the .json file and copy/paste that section of code as many times as needed. You’ll still need to edit each section with the correct object name/sprite path/etc., but it might be easier than doing it all manually in the GUI… Or it might not. Just a thought :slight_smile:

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If you do it this way (editing the json) you’ll have to add the resources to the resources list too :slight_smile:

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